Deep Learning Glossary

Deep Learning terminology can be quite overwhelming to newcomers. This glossary tries to define commonly used terms and link to original references and additional resources to help readers dive deeper into a specific topic. The boundary between what is Deep Learning vs. “general” Machine Learning terminology is quite fuzzy. I Continue Reading

NASA Turns to Machine Learning to Identify Stars Faster

Astrophysical Journal, Big Data, Machine Learning, NASA, stars

A recent article in The Astrophysical Journal reports that NASA has started to use machine learning techniques to understand the properties of stars more quickly. The article states, “New time-domain surveys have begun exploring everything from nearby extrasolar planets to the most distant known stellar explosions, and a veritable zoo Continue Reading

2015 Trends in Business Intelligence – Self Service

Business Intelligence Predictions 2015

The transformation of Business Intelligence (BI) from an IT-centric, centralized process to a self-service, decentralized process is clear: According to Gartner, “By 2017, most business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis” (Parenteau et al, 2014). Forrester’s top prediction for BI Continue Reading

Big Data Predictions For 2015

Big data trends in 2015

As with all predictions, we have to take those with caution because some of them might not turn out to be true. And of course real game-changing innovation often comes out of left-field and takes even the most vigilant of seers by surprise. So, if something earth-shattering happens in the Continue Reading